About Us

Back when we were looking to buy a bike for our kids, there were two distinct options. At the one end you had the expensive high quality specialist bike that ticked all the right boxes, safety, durability, ease of use etc. And at the other end of the spectrum you had the ‘fun’ licensed character bike (toy) that your child just had to have and all logical explanations went out the window. Unfortunately, you could never have both of those things together in one bike. That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands.

With a seal of approval from Disney, Spartan began to develop licensed kids bikes that did not compromise on quality and retained all the ‘fun’. After all, that’s what riding a bike should be.

10 years on, Spartan now manufactures bicycles under license from Disney, Marvel, Mattel, Nickelodeon as well as bicycles for the ‘BIG’ kids, all at affordable prices. So you can go ahead and buy that perfect ‘fun’ bike knowing that you’re getting a real piece of craftsmanship. One that makes riding a bike the fun and enjoyable activity that it should be.