Covid Update

Staying Safe and Connected During Coronavirus 

Dear Customers, 

With the world battling the corona virus in full force, we at Spartan are committed to provide utmost safety and security to our employees, partners and customers. 

During this difficult time, we at Spartan are incorporating all the necessary precautions needed to help battle this pandemic in any way possible. 

Keeping in line with the health and safety guidelines we are:- 

  • Ensuring our work spaces are stocked and equipped with masks, hand sanitizers and gloves to safeguard our employees and customers. 
  • Disinfecting common areas like work-stations, pantry, conference rooms etc. to ensure utmost hygiene. 
  • Encourage our employees to maintain social distancing in order to limit social contact. 

At the time when our world is faced with a pandemic, we at Spartan want to reassure our dedication to our customers and also want to extend our sincere prayers and wishes to anyone affected by this deadly virus. 

We look forward to your continued support in our endeavour to serve you.